Overdue hiker near Crown Point, Crystal Mountain

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After failing to return to his car by nightfall, a hiker decided it was time to call for help. He was able to make his way up to a ridge where he found cell service and made the call to 911. He described his position over the phone and resources from GSSD, ESAR, and 4x4 SAR were dispatched.

Arriving first to the trailhead were a handler and dog from GSSD and two ESAR hasty team members. They quickly started the snowy hike to the location described by the subject. Another team was dispatched to Hen Skin Lake, a possible alternative exit route for the subject. During the hours it took for the SAR team to reach his location, the subject stayed warm by pacing back and forth along the ridge. The team arrived at the described location and met the subject. He was warm and in good spirits thanks to his gear and constant activity. After some food and water, he was able to hike back to his car with the SAR team.

When going on a hike, always pack the 10 essentials, including extra clothing, food and water. Leave an itinerary including a return time with someone you trust so that they can call for help if you are overdue. If you need help, call 911 as soon as possible. It may take 4-12 hours for SAR to respond to a remote location. Search and rescue is a free resource funded by community donations; don't be afraid to call. In this case, the subject did everything right resulting in a positive outcome.