Parkland Search for 10-12 Year Old Wandering Streets

Citizens reported seeing a 10- to 12-year-old light-skinned African American male wandering the streets in boxer shorts and a tank top. Deputies called ESAR and GSSD to search for the subject due to concern for his safety in the cold weather. 6 ESAR teams searched the area from WA-512 north to 92nd, between Steele and Pacific Ave. Deputies called off the search at 0030 and debriefed.

20 ESAR personnel responded, including 2 of our current trainees.

Update: I heard from Deputy Shanks last night. Long story short, the subject is a chronic runaway. His mother collected all his clothes to keep him from running, but he tried it anyway. The cold probably drove him back home, because he did return Monday night. Then, yesterday morning, when he got his clothes back, he ran away again.