2019-2020 New Volunteer Training Schedule

Dates have been set for the 2019-2020 Training season for new volunteers.  Please check out the 'Join ESAR' section on the side for more information on requirements.  See below for more info...

Orientations:  Sept-Oct (to be held at Pierce County Libraries across the county)
Course 1A:  Nov 2-3
Course 1B:  Nov 16-17
Course 1C:  Dec 14-15
SAR First Aid:  A: Dec 7  B: Dec 21
Course 2A:  Jan 3-5
Course 2B:  Jan 24-26
Course 3A:  Feb 7-9
Course 3B:  Feb 21-23
Course 4:  Mar 7-8
Optional Training:
Winter Training
Low Angle Rope Rescue

Attend A or B of each course along with SAR First Aid.  For more a more detailed overview and requirements, please attend one of many orientations held in Sept - Oct across the county.  Dates will be set when the County Library system allows.

Course 1:  An Introduction to SAR
This classroom course teaches the basics of many techniques required for SAR field personnel, including map and compass skills, a basic understanding of search techniques, shelter systems, and the types of equipment necessary for SAR missions. Course 1 gives suggestions for purchasing and storing equipment, and teaches our organization’s rules and regulations.

SAR Oriented First Aid:
Lectures and hands-on practice teach trainees skills with patient assessment and treatment in a wilderness setting. This course allows trainees to begin to develop their first aid skills while working within a SAR team with SAR equipment.  Practice patient packaging in stokes/litter baskets.

Course 2: Hands on Experience
This course is a hands-on approach to studying the concepts involved in search and rescue. The weekend begins Friday night, and lasts until Sunday afternoon. Trainees spend the weekend in teams, living out of their packs, and battling the harsh conditions of winter in the Northwest. On Saturday, trainees rotate around base, attending skill-specific trainings. Saturday evening trainees break into pairs to complete a number of nighttime compass navigation exercises. On Sunday, they continue their stations, and conclude the weekend with a mock search.

Course 3:  A Test of Endurance
Traveling upwards of 15 miles over the course of the weekend, this course is primarily about endurance, but also tests map and compass techniques, motivation, and teamwork. Trainees are paired up and given a list of coordinates to navigate to (on and off trail), honing skills learned in previous course's.

Course 4:  Mock Search
Saturday morning, trainees go to stations where they practice patient assessment, packaging, and search techniques. Saturday afternoon, trainees are assigned to teams and complete a search assignment just as if it were an actual search. On Sunday, once all the subjects have been found, treated, and evacuated, the training is over, and the trainees become certified ground searchers.