Mt Si Skydiver

Type 3 search on Mt Si
Met at 0600 to carpool up to King County to assist in the search for a missing skydiver. We thought we would have a low turnout since many of our members were tied up in a training course, but 22 people responded. Five teams hiked up the main Mt Si trail to 3200' where we split off and did type 3 grid searches. The snow level was at 2500', so we were searching in deep snow. The terrain was fairly steep, 20-35% grade at times. It was after dark before most teams finished up their assignments and hiked back to the trail head.

Search for Mushroom Picker in Skamania County

PCESAR was called to assist Skamania County with a search for a missing 60-year-old mushroom picker. She went missing Dec 1 and after exhausting their local resources, we were called to help search on Dec 6. PCESAR grid searched an area north of where she was last seen, looking for any clues of her whereabouts. Also searching were teams from many other Washington and Oregon counties. Our area yielded no clues, however a PNWSAR team located a crashed plane missing since the 1970s. The terrain was steep with heavy underbrush and the rain was consistent--a reminder of why we train and test our gear in the winter rain.

Missing woman on Vashon Island

Call out for missing female on Vashon Island. PCESAR responded with 16 people. Three teams in the field at 11:20. Subject found deceased by Jerry Harmon at 12:55. All teams back to base by 13:15.

Missing man in Tacoma

Missing 56 year old male in Tacoma. He was found by Tacoma Police Dept. in Downtown Tacoma. He was OK.

19 personnel
125.5 hours
12 vehicles
364 miles
Savings of $3.460.85

Search in Sedro Wolley

Request to assist Skagit County with a search in Sedro Wolley. Subject was found before we arrived.

1 personel,
3 hours,
1 Vehicle,
60 miles
Savings $123.96.

Search for elderly female in Lakewood

Request from Pierce County Sheriff to assist in the search for a 76 Y/F missing since 1700 hours. Subject was located about 2200 hours in St. Clare Hospital.

19 member responded,
39 manhours,
11 vehicles,
310 miles driven,
savings $1,502.53

Search for boys in Tacoma

Request from Tacoma Police Dept. to search for 2 young boys missing from home that day before. It was called later that evening that the boys were runaways.

19 members responded,
80 manhours,
14 vehicles,
471 miles driven,
savings $3,610.04

Evidence search at Mt. Rainier National Park

EVIDENCE MISSION: Request from Pierce County Sheriff, Mt. Rainier National Park, FBI and Mt. Rainier Law Enforcement Rangers to search for weapons used by the person who shot Margaret Anderson on January 1st. Gun, 2 clips and a Swiss knife were found by the Unit. 

27 members responded, 
311 manhours, 
13 vehicles 
2190 miles driven, 
savings of $7,015.15.

Evidence search related to Teekah Lewis

EVIDENCE MISSION:  51st & Orchard Street. We were asked by the Tacoma Police Dept. to look for items that might have been from Teekah Lewis, who was taken in January 1999. Nothing was found by the Unit.

21 members responded, 
149.5 manhours, 
15 vehicles, 
68 miles driven, 
savings of $3,240.48

Search for female with Alzheimers

176th & Canyon, Pierce County.  Search for a 79 y/f with Alzheimers. Found OK.
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