Search for teenagers in Kitsap County

Seabeck, Kitsap County

Search for 3 16-year-old teenagers. Walked out on their own jast after we arrived.

9 personnel,
42 manhours,
7 vehicles, 
559 miles driven, 
$1,541.15 savings in Taxes.

Search for hikers at Summit Lake

Five teenage male hikers lost after day hike to Summit Lake. Located by cell phone ping several miles NE near Clearwater River. ESAR teams went in from Summit Lake trailhead to contain subjects. Subjects were located and led out by GSSD to Cedar Lake trailhead.

Search for hiker in Grays Harbor County

Wynoochee, Grays Harbor County,  Search for 88 y/m hiker.  Found and evacuated from field.

14 personnel,
135.5 manhours, 
8 vehicles, 
2,028 miles driven.
Savings: $4,329.09 in Taxes.

Missing 88-year-old in Fircrest

Fircrest, missing 88 year old man with Alzheimer from his home. Subject was located by a citizen who saw him fall. Called 911 and Tacoma Fire Dept .responded and found that he was lost, matter of fact, he knew his name and that he was lost. He was 3 miles from his home. It shows us that because they have Alzheimer, does not prevent them from walking a great distance. Usually they are walkers and can go a long distance before we can find them. That is one reason PCSO calls us so soon after they are reported missing.

79-year-old female with Alzheimers missing

80th & Canyon Road, 79 year old female with Alzheimer was missing. It was a turnaround. The callout lasted about 15 minutes.

3 people responded, 
2.5 manhours, 
3 vehicles, 
15 miles, 
Savings of $190.33.

Missing 100-year-old

Buckley, missing 100 year old woman. Found OK by GSSD. She  was located in the woods, but she was in good shape for being 100 years old!!

19 people responded,
73.5 manhours,
13 vehicles,
drove 776 miles.
Savings of $2,534.43.
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